Tivari Law Firm

Tivari & Hareçari” law firm was created on 2011 by lawyers Att. Idlir Tivari and Att. Elda Hareçari. Our law firm aim at providing their clients with legal services and representation in national and international jurisdictions at all levels, fiscal and financial consultancy, through a maximal and professional commitment. The objective of the law firm “Tivari & Hareçari” is to become a benchmark for clients who require professional legal assistance at any time, solution of complex problems and prevent them whenever it is possible.


Lagja 2, rruga Sulejman Kadiu, 2001, Durres – Albania

+355 67 500 31 01

Contact Person

Av. Idlir Tivari & Av. Elda Hareçari

Areas of activity

    1. Business law (or commercial law); commercial litigation
    2.  Civil law or common law
    3. Copyright law
    4. Corporate law(or company law), also corporate compliance law and corporate governance law
    5. Criminal law
    6. Family law
    7. Immigration law
    8. Litigation
    9. Patent law
    10. Trademark law