Oussi Law Firm

The Oussi Law Firm was established in 1968 by lawyer Gabriel Oussi who graduated from the University of Damascus, School of Law, in 1968 and was admitted in the same year to the Syrian Bar Association.


Thanks to the unforgettable efforts of the late Mr. Gabriel Oussi, the firm is well known to the International Association of Lawyers (UIA), Association of European Lawyers (AEA), International Criminal Defence Council (ICDC), International Law Referral, Arabic Society for the Protection of Industrial Property (ASPIP), Associated Lawyers, Affilica International, The Arab Arbitration Chamber for Engineering & Construction Contracts, Islamic Finance Lawyers (IsFin), Justinian Lawyers.


The firm has received many letters of appreciation from the World Bank (Doing Business), International Association of Lawyers (UIA) and several awards from Acquisition International, InterContinental Finance Magazine and Corporate International over the years for participating in writing on subjects such as: trade mark and patent in Syria, mergers and acquisitions, company formation.


The aim of Oussi Law Firm is to assist clients in attaining their rights under the law, leaving them satisfied with the services they have received; to gain reputation before gaining money and to lead clients to their rights through the safest channel, without any risk, because the law firm has such a good reputation and such a high level of experience as its lawyers can fully protect clients’ interests.
Gabriel Oussi’s son, Mr. Louay Oussi, who joined the firm at the beginning of 2013, now assumes the task of all the activities of this firm and he will follow the footsteps of his father in all legal issues.


Yousef Al-Azmeh Square –
Maysaloun Street – Assasa
Building – 1st Floor – No.2
P.O.Box: 2506

Syrian Arab Republic (the)
+963 944 293007

Contact Person

Louay Oussi

Areas of activity

  1. Administrative law
  2. Banking law
  3. Civil law or common law
  4. Corporate law (or company law), also corporate compliance law and corporate governance law
  5. Ecclesiastical law (or Canon law)
  6. Intellectual property law
  7. Labour law (or Labor law)
  8. Oil & gas law
  9. Patent law
  10. Trademark law