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We are a team of lawyers that operates in Panama, with partners in Latin America, North America, Europe and Asia who will attend to your case in detail, focused on your needs. 17 years of experience in several areas of law accompany our lawyers in challenging cases with successful results for our clients, applying innovative strategies that make the processes faster and effective. NDM is an International Law Firm that offers its services to individuals, companies, governments and financial institutions. Our long history as a global Firm means that we offer effective solutions to help our clients solve their challenges. We are agile, inventive and determined to guide our clients through today’s complex business environment. We look for one-of-a-kind approaches to find original solutions. We understand our clients’ perspective and show them that we think and care about their issues as much as they do.


Oceania Business Plaza, Torre 2000, Piso 37, Oficina 37 C, Panamá, Ciudad de Panamá


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Melva Herrera

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