Masnad Law Firm

Masnad is an Afghan law firm composed of experienced lawyers and legal experts in different legal areas. We, with acknowledgment of professional legal and advisory services for international and local entities in Afghanistan, committed to establish Masnad and provide professional legal services in jurisdiction of Afghanistan. Having expertise and knowledge of Afghanistan laws, customs, regulations, judicial system as well as international legal standards and by the side of our international partners, Masnad is distinguished from other law firms in the country. We are gratefully bounded to provide full legal and investment services in the realm of Afghanistan.

Practice area and Services: Taxation: Tax Advice , Tax Filings , Tax Compliance , Tax Clearance , Tax Exemptions , Tax audit, Tax Litigation and Disputes Resolution, Investment Law: Formation of Companies, Dissolution of Companies, Merger and Acquisition, License renewal and Changes in the Companies.

Employment Law: Employment Contracts, Employment Disputes, Work permit, Consultation relating to Employment Law and Work visa, Litigation: Commercial Litigation and Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property Law: Trademark registration, Trademark opposition, Trademark change, Trademark search, Trademark infringement watch, Counterfeit infringement, and Assignment of Trademarks, Translation of Legal Documents from English to Dari and Pashto and vice versa.



Suite No. 7, Ansori Wat, Near Dept. of Haj, Shaare Now, District 10, Kabul, Afghanistan


Contact Person

Khalid Massoudi

Areas of activity

  1. Business law (or commercial law); commercial litigation
  2. Business organizations law (or companies law)

  3. Contract law

  4. Copyright law

  5. Corporate law (or company law), also corporate compliance law and corporate governance law

  6. Employment law

  7.  Intellectual property law

  8. Litigation

  9. Tax law

  10. Trademark law