The CLUES & COLLEAGUE, earlier City Legal Unit has been established on 30th June 1996. The Founder, Prakash Rasaily, a former senior civil servant is the brain behind the growth of the firm.
Section 21 of Article 7 of the Constitution of Bhutan honors the noble tradition that is access to legal counsel of one’s choice, the right undeniable by law. It was enshrined in the Thrimzhung Chhemo (the supreme law) enacted in 1953.

Over the journey of 23 years, CLUES & COLLEAGUE, the first ever law firm in the history of Bhutan, had overcome challenges and maintained its images and practices until today. The firm always kept the clients’ priority at the top pedestal and served with confidence and trust.

The founder, teamed by experienced colleagues devoted themselves to the success of the firm and is well known before the national and international organizations and firms. We continue to keep this motto.


Flat 1, Lhaki Shopping Center, Phendey Lam | P.O. Box 503, Thimphu 11001, BHUTAN


Contact Person

Prakash Rasaily

Areas of activity

  1. Intellectual Property Law
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  3. Corporate & Commercial Law
  4. Census & Immigration Law
  5. Contract &  Construction Law
  6. Land & Matrimonial Law
  7. Consumer Law & Market Study
  8. Due Diligence & Consultancy