Lowndes is a leading New Zealand corporate and commercial law firm with offices in the hearts of Auckland’s & Wellington’s central business districts.

The firm comprises carefully selected teams of industry-leading specialists. Together they reinforce the firm’s reputation as a law firm with a strong sense of commerce.

Contact Person

Mark Lowndes

Level 16, Vodafone on Quay 157 Lambton Quay, Wellington 6011
New Zealand
+64 4 974 9111 Fax:64 4 974 9222


  1. Banking Law
  2. Corporate law (or company law)
  3. Employment law
  4. Intellectual property law
  5. Litigation
  6. Mergers & acquisitions law
  7. Property law
  8. Securities Law/ Capital markets law
  9. Technology law
  10. Transport law/ Transportation law