Justinian Lawyers is a multinational association of law firms that are totally independent and act under their own responsibility. Justinian Lawyers has delegations in the main countries of the world. The idea was born when different leading international law firms decided to create an association with the purpose to provide a better service to the clients.


Our main objective is to offer an integral and case-by-case attention, which makes us different from large law firms without personality. In Justinian Lawyers we aim to provide the best client support and attention possible. Our clients are always familiar with the lawyer who leads their case.


The advantage of Justinian Lawyers is to offer a full legal service on an international scale. Our clients can trust any of our lawyers all over the world and be sure that if necessary, we will take care of legal actions including collaborating with our colleagues in other countries.

Areas of practice

Justinian Lawyers offices are perfectly specialized in every single area of law practice providing a full service to each of our clients.